I've always loved the fun games and note taking during conference, so I thought i'd make one of my own! This packet has something for all ages if you like to color, play games, or just take notes! Print as many pages as you need.

Here's what's included:

• Title page for your name and dates

• Announcement page - keep track of all the announcements

• Music Page - write down all the songs that were sung

• Boy & Girl speaker pages - color each speaker & write notes about their talks.

• Something I learned about each of the apostles - write something you learned either from them or about them from their talks. It could be where they are from, a story about them, something about their family, etc.

• Favorites & Goals - write down your favorite quotes, scriptures, songs, etc. and set specific goals of what you want to do after conference

• Questions & Answers - write down your questions before conference and see if you can hear answers!

• Coloring Pages - There are 4 different coloring pages. One with lots of temples, one with the Nauvoo Temple, one with the Prophet, and one with Christ.

• Bingo Cards - There are 5 different Bingo cards with words you can listen for and cross out when you hear.

I hope you enjoy this packet and that it helps make your conference more meaningful! :) :)